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Kadaza on your phone

Kadaza is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Just head to kadaza.ie on your mobile browser to get Kadaza on the go, whatever device you’re using. You can also install the Kadaza app on your android phone for quick access to your favourite websites. A refreshingly fast way to browse the web on your mobile!


Adding Kadaza as an icon to your mobile home screen

When you open up your mobile browser, you can instantly start using Kadaza. It varies by phone type how to add a Kadaza icon to your homescreen.

1. Go to www.kadaza.ie in your mobile browser, like Chrome or Safari.

2. Click the add icon Add-to-home in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions.


Set Kadaza as your homepage in Chrome on Android

You can control which page is displayed when you click the Home icon in Chrome.

1. Open the Chrome app Chrome Icon on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Tap the menu icon Chrome Menu Icon in the upper right and then Settings.

3. Under 'Advanced', tap Homepage.

4. Type www.kadaza.ie in the text box.


Get the Kadaza app on Android

Kadaza is also available as an app in the Google Play Store. Find it here.


Kadaza app on iPhone & iPad

The app for iOS (IPhone and iPad) will be available soon.


Share your experiences, comments and suggestions with us: Click here.

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